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Welcome to Paulie and Me – The Blog!

Second Webcast – Friends Against All Odds

How did this even happen? People ask how two guys who are so different become friends. The answer is: against all odds. Tune in to find out, plus hear a bunch of other funny stories including a trip to Vegas that made Loren’s father look at him a little differently.

Meet Paulie and Me (Loren) in our first webcast!

Paulie and Me is going live in our inaugural webcast. Here, we introduce ourselves, give a little of our history. Lifelong friends, Paulie (Paul Warshauer) and Me (Loren Margolese) discuss life, movies, the world and potential business opportunities from two VERY different vantage points.

Paulie and Me official sizzle reel

This is the official sizzle reel for the television series Paulie and Me. Watch Paul and Loren embark on a new adventure, opening a new brewery. But first, they hit the road to learn all they can about brewing beer and opening a brewpub.

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