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Follow Paul and Loren on a quest to open the best brewery in the nation!

Paulie and Loren share a pint with a young brewer.
pauline and me show

Longtime friends Paul Warshauer and Loren Margolese don’t agree on much. One thing they share is a love of good beer, and a well-run business. They combined these loves with a hearty helping of humor into a comedic adventure to create the best brewery in the US.

Meet the Characters

Paul and Loren couldn’t be more opposite, which makes their three decade-long friendship even more unlikely. Learn more about this “odd-couple” of entrepreneurs.

See more adventures of Paul and Loren (as well as their un-cut conversations) on our blog.

Hit the Road

Follow Paul and Loren for season one as they tour the United States in search of America’s best breweries.

Paulie and Me

Other stuff about Paulie and Me

Paul Warshauer (the “Paulie” in Paulie and Me) (312) 550-7868 Loren Margolese (the “Me” in Paulie and Me) (424) 212-0822